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Why Taproot Capital for leasing?
Winning a government leasing or infrastructure services contract starts well up-stream, with an integrated sales, contracting and financing approach. Taproot Capital assists in all phases of contract development to ensure our clients drive the procurement, pricing and terms.

Many contractors wait until a solicitation is issued before contacting a financing partner.  By then, it is usually too late to influence the color of money (see scoring), the payment schedule, and the all-important terms.  Selecting a federal financing partner is not as simple as choosing a compliant equipment vendor.  

As always, a proactive approach is best when financing is needed to support a government contract.  Rates are a function of perceived risk, so keeping your funding partner in the dark and then "springing" contract terms at the last minute is a bad idea.  Banks hate surprises and information vacuums, and their rates show it.  On the other hand, most financing sources have little time for contractors pre-award.  

Taproot Capital understands the importance of knowing the project backward and forward well in advance of funding.  

Most contractors need more than simply rate quotes, especially when the same rates are being offered to all competitors. To improve their chances of winning, contractors need a financing strategy that changes the game. They also need an alternative source of financing that offers aggressive market rates not found with traditional finance sources. At Taproot Capital, we know the market for both federal debt and equity sources, and often place transactions well outside of the traditional funding sources.

A contractor’s product and service margins are under enough pressure – why offer the same financing rates as your competitors’?

Government financing is a highly specialized industry, requiring in-depth knowledge of government contracting and accounting laws. The team at Taproot Capital knows the government regulations, policies and practices, including the all-important “scoring” issues.

Finally, and importantly, Taproot Capital offers the attention you need to complete the transaction. It’s about service, not just rates. The fact is, many lease transactions with the government do not complete without some sort of “hiccup”. System acceptance, Assignment of Claims, Essential Use, and getting that first payment are all areas that require extra attention and fast response. Taproot Capital assists in all of these stages of contract completion, working closely with the contractor.

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