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Why Taproot?
Taproots are foundations, providing nutrients and water for growth, and survivability in storms and drought. The taproot of a company is its common principles.

Think about the taproot, say, of a big oak tree. What’s its purpose? First, the taproot is the central, vertical root from which all other ancillary roots are attached. The taproot is the primary source of nutrients and water, finding sources well below the surface when the smaller roots have run dry. It provides growth in good times, and survivability during the drought.

Now, think about strategy and continuous innovation. When all measures of operational effectiveness, or worse, operational efficiencies have been exhausted, a company needs an overarching vision of its role in the marketplace and how it competes. How are new ideas created and translated into marketplace advantage? What is the well-spring of innovation within the company?

Finally, the taproot is what holds the big oak tree up during the inevitable storms. Without it, the tree comes crashing down. Trees without taproots litter the forest. Taproots provide not only sustainability, but survivability.

What’s the taproot of a company? Core principles, of course. The central mantras easily recognized from the outside that define the vision, values, and culture of a company. Corporate leaders foster these core beliefs, nurture them and lead by example.

So what are the core beliefs governing Taproot Capital?

First, our business is conducted in a fair, equitable, and ethical manner at all times. Easy words, and easy to abide in. No deal is “worth it”.

Second, we simply provide outstanding, grateful service to the clients we serve. We focus on the big “R”-Relationship- first. No contract can substitute.

Finally, Taproot Capital is about value creation. We are a service company in a tightly-focused value-add niche (ie: Porter Quadrant 3). Our value comes from our collective and extensive experience, our vision, and our cherished partnerships.

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