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Taproot Capital's Core Practices

The firm’s inter-related services are focused on four practices:
     1) Government Leasing and Finance
     2) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Government IT contracting
     3) Business strategy, leadership and training
     4) Merger, acquisition and corporate finance

The “roots” of Taproot Capital are firmly in the technology sector. Financial service offerings have grown to support industry and government trends toward outsourcing services and shifting IT expenditures from capital budgets to more manageable operations and maintenance budgets. Nowhere has this evolution more positively impacted the IT industry than the Government marketplace.

There is no more dynamically changing marketplace than government contracting. Customers and suppliers today become competitors tomorrow. “Coop-etition” is the norm for vendors and contractors alike. Prime and sub roles are defined deal by deal – no hard feelings.

Together technology services, leasing, and government contracting represent an opportunity for contractors large and small to put rapid, continuous innovation into practice. Taproot Capital integrates these three disciplines to create innovative service offerings that help our clients drive value and change the way they compete.

Viewed as a single industry, government contracting is a perfect stage for market disruption. Companies that seek not just “better pricing” or “the dream bid-team” but new ways to develop and deliver technology services to the government will not only survive value-chain disruptions, and market downtowns, but thrive on closer, longer-term relationships built on these performance-based contracts.

To create sustainable marketplace advantage, a company must build on a sense of identity, purpose and value creation. Leadership must encourage revolutionary, not incremental change. Marketplace positioning (vis-à-vis known competitors) is not only elusive, it is no longer sustainable.

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