Infrastructure as a Service in the Government
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Infrastructure as a Service in the Government
Introduction to IaaS and Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a fast-growing contract methodology that brings the entire infrastructure solution together – hardware and software, services, and financial solutions. The basic program enables customers to continually assess, acquire, operate, refresh and dispose of technology assets, making the entire infrastructure more agile, responsive and effective. The result is often a lower total cost of ownership, especially when considering the hidden cost of an inflexible infrastructure.

IaaS is driven by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and pricing metrics that are tailored to make sense to specific customer needs. For example, a surveillance infrastructure may be priced per month by the camera, based on a guaranteed up-time, upgrades, and other service factors. The metric is usually an established business driver – something that everyone can pretty easily correlate to resource consumption (cost) and ultimately to value.

The commercial industry coined HaaS (Hardware as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) to describe an evolution from basic managed services (services only) to a solution that includes the infrastructure cost (initial investment, upgrades and refresh). Vendors, resellers and managed service providers are converging on the IaaS model as a way to deliver value and shift ownership from user to contractor. The trend will continue to evolve, as utility (grid) computing becomes a reality.

Taproot Capital develops complete IaaS solution offerings for our clients, for all types of technology infrastructures. From initial marketplace assessment and product design to pricing and user negotiations, Taproot Capital assists clients in getting an IaaS solution to market.

Cloud Computing is a growing industry trend.  It is an information delivery model that offers high scalability and subscription-based pricing - a utility approach.  Examples are Amazon's offerings for storage backup and retrieval, Google and Apple's applets.  Cloud computing shifts the infrastructure entirely offsite - an important distinction - whereas IaaS may still be an onsite infrastructure.  

Agencies are beginning to embrace the Cloud Computing model but have unique requirements for security and especially auditing (public accountability issues).  Given the size of potential applications, the investment strategy poses it's own challenges, given the Government's right to early termination.  

In addition to financing, Taproot Capital offers assistance in developing the unique partnerships required to deliver Cloud Computing.  

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