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Government leasing and finance
Taproot Capital for Government Leasing and Finance

Leasing is a power tool to drive sales, block competition and lock-in follow-on upgrades with technology refresh. More importantly, leasing helps change the customer relationship from traditional “hit-and-run” transactions to continuous dialog and improvement. The key is to view leasing as a game-changer, and to lead with it.

Taproot Capital offers comprehensive leasing and financial services for vendors and contractors seeking to establish sustainable customer bases, improved margins, and better account control. Our programs are designed to “raise the bar” of competition but shifting the discussion from commodity purchases of products and services to financial solutions that address the long-term needs of customers.

Taproot Capital offers competitive rates for all types of government financing. Our firm works closely with the contractor’s sales teams and finance organization to structure an optimal financing of the contract. Taproot structures milestone payments, annual renewals, and refresh to optimize cash flow for the contractor while mitigating risk.

In addition, Taproot Capital provides the following assistance to contractors and vendors
     1) Developing the opportunity (sales calls, unsolicited proposals, white papers, etc)
     2) Capture – proposal writing, win strategy, teaming
     3) Contract pricing – financial models, cash-flows
     4) Simplified contract terms
     5) Funding – Assignment of Claims, streamlined closing documents

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