Government Leasing Unveiled

Taproot Capital helps take the mystery out of government leasing contracts, offering simplified terms and conditions, sales training, and competitive financing. Call today to get your government-leasing program off the ground!

True, government leasing varies significantly from commercial financing. Contract terms will always be different, but the typical government customer is far more likely to be familiar with leasing today than in the past. Government leasing and finance has become the norm, particularly for technology and other depreciating assets.

The Players in a Government Lease
The principle players in a government leasing contract are:
1. The Government Contracting Officer (KO).
2. The Prime Contractor.
3. The Vendor (for OEM products and services).
4. The financing company (bank, or other institution).
The Rules of Government Leasing
Understanding the rules of government leasing will help contractors avoid surprises and costly mistakes. Taproot Capital helps contractors structure compliant contract payments, terms and conditions. Our programs lower contractor risk and ensure funding.
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