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Business Strategy and Leadership

We hear lots of talk about “strategy”. Things like, “Hey, that’s my strategy!” In truth, what we of strategy is more often habits of choice … reinforced habits. Real strategy creates lasting value for an organization on the basis of differentiation and coherence.

At Taproot Capital, we know strategy when we see it. And when we don’t. We help organizations not only redefine themselves, but also the market in which they compete.

Taproot Capital helps its clients build the culture of a learning organization – one that appreciates change, innovation, and market disruption as a strategy for competition. We assess the organizational habits that hold back an organization from reaching its true potential. Our challenging programs help clients to replace habits of “Knowing” with transformational habits of “Learning and Doing”.

Business leaders communicate strategy and empower organizations to achieve great things. We know leadership too, and know the qualities of an effective leadership team.

Are the members of the leadership team all pulling in the same direction, toward a common vision?  Does measurement and compensation foster teamwork or division?  Taproot Capital helps leadership teams to truly synergize - leveraging differences in pursuit of a common vision for the company.  

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