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About Taproot Capital

Founded originally in 1998 as Taproot Technology Services, Inc., to drive technology sales with leasing and financial services, Taproot Capital has evolved to provide a comprehensive suite of corporate finance, government contracting, and leadership assistance services specifically tailored for today’s dynamic marketplace. The firm focuses on integrated financial strategies that change the way our clients compete in the marketplace. The goal:  integrated financial solutions that create sustainable advantage.


The Taproot Difference

Sure, Taproot Capital offers competitive rates and simplified contracts. We’re a one-stop financial solution provider that knows the financial markets for both debt and equity placement, and we know how to optimize this market. But low rates by themselves don’t drive sales and close deals.

Today’s vendors and contractors need a program – a proactive strategy that brings the business development, sales, marketing, and finance teams together. Taproot Capital helps our clients move up-market by significantly improving their value proposition in the eyes of their customers.

Taproot Capital’s unique, integrated approach moves financial solutions from an afterthought to a lead-with strategy, fundamentally and permanently improving our client’s core value proposition.

How? Taproot Capital brings a time-tested methodology that begins with a realistic assessment of product and service offerings, customer perception, and core capabilities. Sales and delivery skills are specifically assessed for financial solution-selling capability.

The Goal: To change the game! The process Taproot Capital brings to the table positively changes the very culture and self-image of our clients.

Ask,  “What are the possibilities?”

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